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  • 1985
  • Rozenbal Ibérica was founded in 1985 in San Sebastian as a subsidiary of the international French group, Rozenbal, with the main purpose of distributing its products and providing its services to Spain’s leading distribution chains

  • From 1990 it set about expanding within these national chains, working to a strategy clearly oriented towards widespread distribution, increasing its ranges and collections and adapting them to the Spanish market.

  • 1990
  • 2002
  • In 2002 we were granted the Don Limpio (P&G) licence, thanks to which we obtained important market penetration that prompted us to start producing mops and cloths and to strongly commit to our own brand in the most demanding Spanish chains. 

  • In 2007, we completed that commitment to cleaning articles with our new bristle, scouring pad and sponge plant in Valencia, to where we also transferred our logistics centre. 

  • 2007
  • 2009
  • In 2009 we terminated our contract with Don Limpio and came to an agreement with one of the brands of highest quality, prestige and recognition in the Spanish market, KH-7. We launched a totally distinctive high- performance collection which was extraordinarily well received by the market. We therefore remain faithful to the production and development of products which more than meet the consumer’s expectations.

  • Since 2013 until today, Rozenbal Ibérica has faced several challenges. We created and consolidated the DIY and professional departments which are currently fully up and running and have their eyes clearly set on expansion. This said, the main challenge lies in the prime focus of all companies to satisfy all of our consumer’s cleaning requirements as simply and effectively as possible and at the lowest price.   

  • 2013

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